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 ledtoy-hw-a2 (12-OCT-2006)
ledtoy-hw-a2.tar.gz (70 kB)


  • changed connector pads from 68 mil to 80 mil
  • changed line width in 40 mil text from 10 mil to 8 mil
  • cover.fig: reduced cover size and shifted button up and to the left
  • added printer-ready Postscript versions of the schematic (lta24.ps), and of both sides of the board (lta24-Component.ps, lta24-Component-Mirror.ps, lta24-Copper.ps, and lta24-Copper-Mirror.ps)

 ledtoy-hw-a1 (3-OCT-2006)
ledtoy-hw-a1.tar.gz (24 kB)


  • added large "GND" marker next to serial connector pin 1
  • added text "LTA24" below the button, to help with artwork orientation
  • PARTS: added package type to transistors and described that Q1 is NPN
  • changed all vias from 60 mil to 65 mil
  • changed connector and battery pads from 60 mil to 68 mil

 ledtoy-hw-a0 (28-SEP-2006)
ledtoy-hw-a0.tar.gz (23 kB)


  • README, Makefile: updated, and complemented with material from the PIC version
  • added BUGS, PARTS, cover.fig, COPYING, and COPYING.GPLv2
  • lt24a.sch: ATmega48V was erroneously listed as "ATMEGA48", without the "V" marking the low-voltage version
  • renamed lt24a.* to lta24.*

Last update: 12-OCT-2006   Werner Almesberger