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 ledtoy-img-2 (28-SEP-2006)
ledtoy-img-2.tar.gz (4 kB)


  • added vehicle/starwars.xbm (contributed by Diego Palopoli)
  • Makefile: added INSTALL_PREFIX, and made this the user-configurable item
  • Makefile: changed default install location from /usr/... to /usr/local/...
  • Makefile: added "uninstall" target

 ledtoy-img-1 (27-DEC-2005)
ledtoy-img-1.tar.gz (4 kB)


  • "make install" failed to do anything useful
  • love/heart.xbm, love/heartfull.xbm: made the top arcs rounder
  • signs/question.xbm: rounded the top
  • religion/angel.xbm: fattened the halo
  • script to produce a HTML-based gallery (see README for details)

 ledtoy-img-0 (25-DEC-2005)
ledtoy-img-0.tar.gz (3 kB)


  • Initial release

Last update: 28-SEP-2006   Werner Almesberger