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 ledtoy-fw-a2 (7-OCT-2006)
ledtoy-fw-a2.tar.gz (23 kB)


  • ledtoy-prog.template: corrected typo in file name specification
  • determine Flash size from firmware name
  • using -I after -o tripped an incorrect usage check
  • firmware and flash data are now "fat binaries", with a version for each supported chip stored in a TAR file
  • option -B produced junk, breaking image rotation

 ledtoy-fw-a1 (3-OCT-2006)
ledtoy-fw-a1.tar.gz (22 kB)


  • Makefile: definition of "OBJDUMP" was broken
  • Makefile: "make clean" tried to remove lta24.{s,elf}, instead of fw-$(TARGET).{s,elf}
  • README: added a section about the serial port
  • tools/Makefile: automatically build all the tools we depend on
  • README: added avrdude build fix (Gentoo bug #120194)
  • ledtoy-prog.template: now uses ledtoy-avrdude, if installed

 ledtoy-fw-a0 (28-SEP-2006)
ledtoy-fw-a0.tar.gz (20 kB)


  • lta24.c: renamed "pos" to "led_map"
  • renamed "map" to "led_map"
  • removed some old junk, including assembler output
  • changed image format from four to three bytes per column (cost: 40 bytes)
  • Makefile: renamed image.bin to flash.bin
  • Makefile: cleanup, and added "install" and "uninstall" targets
  • lta24.c: renamed "index" to "current_index"
  • ledtoy-merge.template: wrapper script for
  • ledtoy-prog.template: wrapper script for avrdude
  • script to show how much room is left for images, used with the somewhat misleading "make room"
  • README: updated, and complemented with material from the PIC version

Last update: 7-OCT-2006   Werner Almesberger