Hardware Design Files (PIC)

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 ledtoy-hw-4 (29-JAN-2006)
ledtoy-hw-4.tar.gz (29 kB)


  • lt24.schem: the LEDs were the wrong way around
  • changed R15 (button series) from 10k to 1k, to reduce effect of weak pull-up
  • PARTS: changed name XP0111500LCT to more official XP01115
  • PARTS: added package codes for transistors and (non-LED) diode
  • lt24.schem, lt24rs.schem: added boxes around components inside the transistor arrays
  • Makefile: "make a" now prints the assembly, magnified by a factor of 5
  • pcbprint: new helper script to handle printing tasks

 ledtoy-hw-3 (14-DEC-2005)
ledtoy-hw-3.tar.gz (28 kB)


  • Makefile: added targets "f" and "b" to print the front and backside with proper orientation
  • lt24.pcb: shifted battery holder to improve clearance of serial connector
  • lt24.pcb: high current track to Q1/2 no longer passes underneath chip
  • lt24.pcb: marked component-side solder joint of battery holder with an arrow
  • lt24.pcb: marked corners with a percent sign (%, "reverse") if there is a tightly fitted track on the other side
  • lt24.pcb: corrected border markers
  • README, PARTS, lt24test.pcb: new test board to help building the LED Toy

 ledtoy-hw-2 (5-DEC-2005)
ledtoy-hw-2.tar.gz (24 kB)


  • lt24.pcb: switched from 3003K to BA2032 battery holder
  • PARTS, lt24.schem, lt24.pcb: changed LED polarity such that PIC sinks current instead of sourcing it
  • lt24.pcb: moved the button slightly away from the corner
  • PARTS, lt24.pcb: the capacitor is now a 0603 type
  • cover.fig: updated for new layout and fw-3 menu arrangement
  • cover.fig: raised bottom and moved right edge to the left, for easier fit

 ledtoy-hw-1 (3-DEC-2005)
ledtoy-hw-1.tar.gz (25 kB)


  • PARTS: MCLR pull-up R17 was erroneously listed as part of the serial interface
  • lt24.schem, lt24rs.schem, lt24.pcb: moved RX current limiter R22 from the main board to the serial board
  • lt24.schem: added proper header for serial interface (J1)
  • lt24rs.schem: CONN1 didn't have a number
  • lt24.pcb: output pin of U2 wasn't connected
  • picss20pa.pcb: moved PIC to the center of the board
  • PARTS: added the programming adapter
  • lt24.pcb: moved the menu labels to their current location
  • Makefile: "make clean" now removes all Postscript files

 ledtoy-hw-0 (25-NOV-2005)
ledtoy-hw-0.tar.gz (25 kB)


  • Initial public release

Last update: 29-JAN-2006   Werner Almesberger